Exercising Is Good, But Your Mobility Makes It Great


Active Lifestyle And Fitness


Many medical professionals, government guidelines and health organizations recommend 30 minutes of physical activity a day, but is that enough?

While being consistent and getting your 30 minutes of physical activity is important, many people remain stationary for the majority of their day.  For optimal health benefits, it is important to adapt an active lifestyle.

Active lifestyle means just that, you stay active.  It includes getting your workout in, but also continuing to move throughout the day.  Say you go to the gym in the morning and get your workout in, does that mean the rest of your day is spent sitting at a computer or on the couch?  It is important to find ways to move throughout the day to help maintain fitness.  This is where the real health benefits are.

How exactly do you develop an active lifestyle?  First and foremost, stay consistent with your workout schedule.  If you are already in a good routine, keep it!  If you need to start a workout routine, find what works for you.  Make sure it is something you love to do so you can stick with it long term.

Next, find ways to add movement throughout the day.  If you have to sit during work, set a timer and get up when possible to go for a lap around your office.  Pick out some quick movements you can do right next to your desk like stretching, squats or even pushups just to get the blood flowing.

Have kids or grandkids?  Get outside and play with them!  Not only does this promote an emotional connection, it promotes health.  Have a pet?  They need exercise just as much as we do.  Go out and take them for a walk around the neighborhood.  Always wanted to try a new hobby such as hiking, kayaking, or pick up the sport you used to play in your younger years?  Now is the time to do it.  It is amazing how great you will feel.  All of these activities are the perfect stress relievers and are much more fun than sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

You can even get active with everyday chores!  Vacuuming, dusting, and mopping the floors are all great ways to get some extra steps and movement in.  When you are heading to the store, park further away.  Think about good posture and technique when you go to bring the groceries in.

There are ways to stay active all around us.  Try to get creative and find where you can put a little more activity into each of your daily tasks!

At home or office quick break workout:

Start with some side stretches and forward fold to get the body ready for a little movement.  Once you feel good, try these full body moves that can be done anywhere!

  1. Oblique Stretch – Find something you can use as a weight. Can be office supplies, books, water bottles, or whatever you can find.  Stand straight with your selected weight to your side.  While keeping your core and glutes tight, bend towards the side allowing your weight to travel towards the floor and return to standing.  Repeat for 10x on each side.
  2. Squat into a Bicycle Crunch – With feet shoulder width apart, squat and as you come up bring opposite knee to opposite elbow. Repeat for 10 on each side.
  3. Lunge with a Rotation – With something you can hold to use as a weight, lunge backward with arms extended. Rotate your torso with arms extended over to the bent leg side.  Bring arms back in front and stand.  Repeat 10 on each side.

Just these three small movements will get the blood flowing and muscles working! Try them out and set a goal for yourself to move a little bit each hour you are awake!

Article By: Kate Warren

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