Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

Meal planning for healthy eating helps save money, reduces anxiety and stress; making shopping easier and most importantly improves overall health.  When it comes to a healthy life style, what you put into your body is essential.  When designing our programs, meal planning was top of the list.  As we create strategic partnerships to assist in our goals, our objective is to automate the linkage between the Fitness de Tour App and our partners established technology platforms utilizing API and code.  During licensing negotiations, we will update our site and Mobile App to reflect different meals and prepping to facilitate the necessary new habits for success.    

Meal Preparation

Meal Prepping Basics

Meal Delivery Service

Currently talks and negotiations are underway to partner with a nationally recognized vendor.  There are few providers that can offer national service.  Our goal is to establish this relationship and make it transparent for our members.  Updates will be provided.   Thank you.