Mobile App

To support the Core de Tour way, which is exercising and a healthy diet.  Our team is developing one of the most integrated fitness apps on the market.  Live streaming is one of the most required features for personal trainer apps.  A robust infrastructure and a solid CDN (Content Delivery Network) is one of the key factors to success.  We are determine to create an experience that makes Core and Cardio training a favorite.  From surveys and experience, we know the abs are one tough area to see results.  If needed, users can arrange a virtual session with a trainer and train anytime. Using the live streaming feature, a trainer can see how a member completes an exercise and they can interact with the trainer who explains the exercises and encourages perseverance .  The integration of our Fitness De Tour app with the Crunch Cycle is a game changer.


  1. Fitness Goals and Target Setting
  2. Tracking of goals input by user or coach: Viewed by Professionals
  3. Coaching Notes
  4. Workout Progressions
  5. Live Streaming of Fitness Instructors
  6. P.O.D – Personal Optimal Development Training
  7. Workout Results Stored
  8. Personal Trainer Access
  9. Nutritionist Access
  10. Dietitian Access
  11. Competition mode
  12. Star Ratings
  13. Geolocation for P.O.D Workgroup Assignments
  14. Notification of missed workouts and training schedule
  15. Meal Plan Upload (Diet Suggestions)
  16. Meal plan selection and subtraction of calories 
  17. Subtraction of workout calories to determine weight loss
  18. Meal plan preparation (How – To's)
  19. Fitness Tips
  20. Social Media Integration
  21. Bluetooth synching of stats from Crunch Cycle
  22. WIIFI Capable
  23. Chat, Send Text within app to Dietitians, Nutritionist, Personal Trainers and Coaches.
  24. In App purchasing of Fitness Wear and Nutritional Products
  25. Compatible with importing stats from wearable devices and other exercise equipment