The Core de Tour Way!




When a person decides it’s time to get healthy by losing weight, exercising and eating for a new lifestyle, we believe this marks a new beginning.  When creating the Crunch Cycle, it was our goal to create a product that was needed. It had to exercise Cardio, Core and Legs in one machine saving time and reducing pain. Accomplishing comfort, efficiency, effectiveness, stylish, light weight, somewhat mobile and most importantly affordable!

The additional value proposition with the Crunch Cycle had to include all factors that would guarantee success for the users of our product. Weight loss will transpire utilizing our product with all the weapons necessary located in one place; mission accomplished!  A tight abdomen (core) which we all seek is now within reach, with a focused exercise machine and program.  Reducing the size of the abdomen will decrease the amount of food we desire, if exercise is included.

Knowing what the user consumes in energy by our Meals Plans and what calories are burned is a game changer.  Utilizing our mobile app to track what meals and calories were consumed and the Crunch Cycle managing and tracking calories burned, it’s a win win!  It’s takes approximately 2,000 calories to burn 1lb of weight (fat).   We track, encourage and plan accordingly.  We take the tribe approach: Personal Optimal Development groups (POD’s) that are Geo Location based for leader boards, encouragement and virtual Personal Training for professional support.

Join our Core de Tour ‘Crunch Cycle’ family for: Meal Planning, Meal Prepping, Meal Delivery Partners, Fitness Instructors & Coaches, Fitness Apparel and Nutritional Supplements.  We got you covered!

‘Control the Core, Control the Body!’

That’s the Core de Tour way!