In His Words

How it Started

Winter Time Blues

In the Winter of 2017, Crunch Cycle Inventor and Founder James Berry was preparing for the winter roller coaster ride he often took; gaining weight in the winter and losing it in the spring. Being an avid Cyclist during the warm months, but ole man winter would always put the brakes on his weight maintenance program. Not being enthused by indoor cycling, a line was drawn deciding that he did not want to ride the roller coaster again that year. Remembering some exercise routines, he laid on his back to complete some air crunches. Realizing the proper air crunch was very effective and if he could just apply some resistance, it would be even more effective! The light bulb moment occurred, minus the back pain. A 3-in-1 machine was born!

Quick, Convenient and Comfortable!

Proper Technique Each Time

Precise Focus

Pinpoint Focus On The Abs

Easily Adjustable & Maintenance Free

Establish Your Perfect Settings

Exercise The Core, Cardio And Legs

3 Complimentary Exercises In 1




Starting on your back and using the fully adjustable head rest, utilize the full pad to help improve your cardio and leg strength. Move to the Backward Shoulder Press (BSP) and push back to tighten your Abs while increasing the workout time and resistance of the wheel system . Once you build strength, from within the BSP, try to hold a 30 degree position using the BSP as just an aid if needed. After increasing the time this can be held, remove the BSP and use the Lumbar support as an aid if needed. The goal is to free style Crunches without any Pad apparatuses while increasing and decreasing (auto) resistance of the wheel system. This is going to bring the pain, but no pain no gain… Control The Core, Control The Body!

High Quality Materials

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We want to make sure you have the best experience possible when using the Crunch Cycle. If you are not completely satisfied with your Cycle, please let us know right away and we will do everything possible to fix the situation. We back the product 30 Days no questions asked.

A healthier body

Crunch Cycle is designed to:

Keep Connected

Crunch Cycle is *WiFi and Bluetooth enabled which means you’ll always have access to the latest software updates on your cycle.

Team Work

Fitness De Tour Companion App

An Added Bonus To Your Experience

Fitness de Tour


Nutritional Products

Patented Technology

With 10 Utility Patent claims granted and 10 Utility Patent claims granted to protect the method of use, we are proud to have truly created the first new product in this category in many years. The Crunch Cycle will receive patent protection around the world.

How It Works

How Things Fit Together


Wifi Connectivity

Built in Battery (USB-C)

Built in Battery (USB-C)

Built in Battery (USB-C)

*WIFI – A software update via Bluetooth to the Cycle

Ergonomically Designed

With A Very Small Foot Print

Crunch Cycle Vs. Other Methods

Time Line

Being passionate about the Crunch Cycle and it’s potential to change the lives of so many, it was delayed by life circumstances. Gaining momentum and resources, countless hours were invested in this industry changing product and the complimentary support services and products. Life is about the journey and what a journey it has been.

Reward Delivery

Backers of downloadable products, coupons and the 2 hour consultation will be sent an email with links and or unique coupon codes. Expect shippable items within 2 to 3 weeks. The personally signed autographed Crunch Cycle will be delivered when the Cycle becomes available. Target date July 2022. The receipt is your proof of purchase and an acknowledgment email will be delivered to you as well. The autographed Crunch Cycle does not include the Cycle itself. Thank you for your support.